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December 4, 2007 at 11:01 pm 7 comments


I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that read: “I am a Christian, NOT a Democrat” The implication seemed to be that the two are mutually exclusive; one can not be a Christian AND a democrat. Let me just say first, that I have a degree in political science and I am very interested in politics, government, law, and current events in general. I am no expert, but I love politics. I am neither a democrat nor a republican.(I have voted for both a democrat and a republican president) I have had several frustrating conversations with Christians about politics and this bumper sticker pretty much summed up the sentiments of many. (But certainly not all)


Here’s what I think. I think that if Jesus came back tomorrow, both democrats and republicans would have a plethora of “representatives” in hell. To crown either as the party of Christianity is both ignorant and unbiblical! (That’s my own opinion) If you feel compelled to vote for a particular party always, that’s your right and is ok by me. However, if you think that by voting republican or democratic or not at all, you are some how a BETTER Christian than someone else, you my friend need to read the Gospel one more time!


This is sort of a harsh post, but I don’t apologize for that. I am tired, oh so very tired of hearing that the Republican Party is the party for Christians. Granted, there are some very important issues that republicans tend to vote in a more evangelical conservative Christian manner. (abortion, gay rights, etc.) However, there are certainly other issues one should consider. (I would be more than happy to discuss those with you)


I guess I get upset about all this because I see a bigger issue. We as Christians can get so caught up in the “big issues” (like abortion, homosexuality, etc.) that we loose site of other things. It doesn’t mean that we don’t deal with those issues, but I don’t think that dealing with those issues stops or even starts by voting republican. I had a conversation a few months ago where I questioned someone about why they ALWAYS vote republican. The answer I got was, “Well because I don’t believe in abortion.” That’s great I thought, neither do I. But I also have beliefs about other stuff. When I began to ask about other issues (education, health care, immigration, domestic and international security, the war, etc.), he had no clue where any of the republican or democratic candidates stood on those positions. He just knew that he didn’t believe in abortion, so he votes republican. (Ironically enough, the current leading republican believes in partial abortions).


The reality is that whether there is a Republican or Democrat in office, our position needs to be the same. Constantly, and without ceasing praying that the Savior of the Universe would continually intercede on our behalf. Praying without ceasing that God would move in our WORLD. Praying that God would bless the very Cosmos that He created. We need to vote, we need to be active in our political structure. We DO NOT need to make little gods out of political parties, people, or positions.  


PS: There is so much to say about this issue, this is just me venting. If you would like to have an intelligent conversation about this, or make comments or whatever, I would love to continue this dialogue. By no means is this post a representation of my complete thoughts on this matter.


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A Theology of Name Calling… Crazy Tears

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  • 1. Rusty  |  December 4, 2007 at 11:31 pm

    Kudos. I would even argue that what you call the big issues (abortion, homosexuality, etc…) shouldn’t be the big issues. I would argue that many Christians (sorry to generalize) have gotten caught up in the peripheral issues (abortion & homosexuality) and have lost sight of the big issues. That’s not to say, as you rightly point out, that those issues aren’t important. But considering the state of things, i think there are other issues that are more worthy of our time, money, effort because there is a possibility of doing something about them. I’ll stop for now also…

  • 2. pastornoah  |  December 5, 2007 at 1:40 am

    I agree with you Rusty, and in a way, that’s one of my points. Thanks for clarifying it more.

  • 3. Sadie  |  December 4, 2007 at 5:44 pm

    My husband is so smart!
    Noah, thank you for posting this. I agree, we should hang out, at least once in our lives. Now if we could just set up a time…

  • 4. Brit Windel  |  December 4, 2007 at 8:02 pm

    brilliant. i have been venting this for the past few days to be honest. and another set of honesty is i’m not to keen on coming back to the states. the UK has some serious problems but at least there isn’t as much bantering of BS back forth of its the christian perspective of voting which i agree is complete crap.
    do you have any idea how our country/faith become so intertwined with so many people that the notion of Jesus is a republican can even hold water (which it does with lots of people)
    on the political debate might i ask who you are going for…
    i’m really pushing of Obama like the world might end if he doesn’t get it. i think the man is brilliant and …….. those dots represent my love and affection for his campaign…but what are your thoughts if you want to go there?

  • 5. Bobbye JO  |  December 5, 2007 at 12:02 pm

    Well Said! I agree with you completely! Maybe there is a sermon on this in the near future?

  • 6. pastoralfowler  |  December 5, 2007 at 1:01 pm

    Noah, I could not have said it better! Good stuff! It has wearied me for years to listen to the noise of the typical “conservative” Christian talking politics. The mentality is that if one is not a hardcore republican, one surely could not be a Christian.
    I suppose what bothers me most about this is the reality that the average “conservative Christian republican” appears to focus on one or two pet issues and completely ignores much of Jesus’ teaching. Or so it would seem. While many would not be willing to admit it, many republican policies favor the rich and verge on oppressing the poor. I am at a loss to align that with the teachings of Jesus. It concerns me that the party that most of my Christian friends align with exclusively, in my opinion is actually in opposition to many of the teachings of Jesus as it relates to the poor. Granted, this is an unpopular opinion that many will strongly disagree with.
    Over the years I have known individuals to stop attending a bible study group because of the republican rhetoric that is “preached” by some members (and sometimes leaders) of the group. This is one result of this misguided mindset. We exclude those that think differently on political issues, because of course, our personal belief could not be wrong?
    Lest I fail to clarify this, I am neither republican nor democrat. I have and will vote for either. It’s not about the party, but rather the individual. Venting? Maybe, but it needed to be said.

  • 7. pastornoah  |  December 5, 2007 at 1:11 pm

    The above comment posted by Pastor Al is further evidence to the fact that I have the best pastor in the world…:)

    Brit, to answer your question, I dont know who i am going to vote for this upcoming election. There’s a lot of issues that i don’t have clear answers on currently. I tend to like, Obama. (though i do have some reservations based on his lack of experience. He’s a GREAT leader, but perhaps needs some more experience before he runs the United States) I also like Romney and Huckabee. I am fairly opposed to Clinton and Rudy (who both happen to be leading their respective parties). I think they both would have us in alot of trouble. (Rudy especially) So as the election draws near, I will be able to answer your question with a bit more clarity Brit.

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